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Football Play-By-Play

Use this scale drawing of a football field to answer the following questions.

  1. On the drawing, the vertical lines are two spaces apart. How far apart does this make the lines on the field?
  2. What is the total length of the field?
  3. How wide is the field?
  4. How far apart are the goal posts?
  5. At the “kick-off,” the Giants kicked the ball the distance shown by the dotted segment AB. It was downed at B. How far did they kick?
  6. The Bears carried the ball from B to C, on the first play. How far did they carry the ball?
  7. On the second play, they carried the ball from C to D. what distance is represented by CD?
  8. On the third play, they were thrown for a loss to point E. How many yards did they lose on that play?
  9. On the fourth play, the Bears kicked. The ball was downed at F. How far did the Bears advance by that play?
  10. The Giants passed the ball and it was downed at point G.
    (a) How many yards did they make on this play?
    (b) Did they make a “first down”?
  11. On the next play, the Giants carried the ball 8 yd. forward, straight ahead from point G. How many spaces will represent that distance?


    Source: W. Hart & C. Gregory’s Socialized General Mathematics, (1937).