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A 50-pound Sailor?

A submarine compensates its overall weight by adding and subtracting water ballast. Assuming that you are the diving officer of the U.S. Barracuda, how much water (in gallons at 8 lbs.) would you add or remove from your ballast tanks to neutralize the following changes:

  • 3617 lbs. of fresh provisions rteceived on board
  • 3 passengers at 150 lbs. reported on board
  • 2 torpedoes at 1865 lbs. sent ashore for overhaul
  • 64 3-inch shells at 55 lbs. each were received on board
  • 3078 gals. of fresh water received from dock (fresh water at 8 lbs. per gal)
  • 2 tons (at 2000 lbs. per ton) of engine parts removed to storage ashore
  • You fill No. 1 trimming tank, capacity 185 cu. ft., with lubricating oil (weighing 51 lbs. per cubic foot)


Source: W.C. Eddy's Wartime Refresher in Fundamental Mathematics, 1945, p. 7-8