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Multiple Marriages in Mathville

In the town of Mathville, two-thirds of the adult women are married, while one-half of the adult men are married. What fraction of the adult population is single?

Assumptions for Mathville:

  • People in Mathville are married only to someone else in Mathville.
  • Only adults are married in Mathville.
  • All marriages in Mathville are between a man and a woman.
  • No one in Mathville has multiple husbands or wives.


Hint: Draw a picture....you may not need equations.


Solution Commentary: Several things are great about this problem.

First, setting up and solving equations is the "long complicated" way to go...but it works.

Pull your hand back if you are trying to get a common denominator...as this problem requires a common numerator....see why?

Can you solve it just by moving colored tiles around...and not writing down anything?