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Couple Doubles

Three women--Laura, Beth, and Tina--are married to three men--Sam, Bill, and George--but not necessarily in that order. Sam's wife and Beth's husband play Laura and Tina's husband in tennis doubles. No wife is a tennis partner with her husband and Bill does not play tennis. Who is married to whom?


Hint: Build a 3 x 3 grid-chart, identifying the women with the rows and the men with the columns. Now, go through the problem clue-by-clue, trying to "cross-out" some cells.


Solution Commentary: As a start, "Sam's wife and Beth's husband" implies that "Beth is not Sam's wife"...why?

Continuing, "Sam's wife and Beth's husband play Laura and Tina's husband" implies that "Sam is both playing tennis and married to Tina"...why?

Finally, how is the clue "Bill does not play tennis" helpful? Now, it is up to you to finish things.

As a "tangential" note, more advanced versions of this problem will show up in the future. This problem was picked to get your feet wet and some experience under your belt.