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Who Plays Basketball?

Smith, Brown, Jones, and Foster are the manager, an accountant, a teller, and the loan officer at my local bank. I cannot remember who does what, but I do know that:

  • Brown is taller than the loan officer or the teller.
  • The manager eats her lunch alone.
  • Jones plays bridge with Smith.
  • The tallest person of the four plays basketball.
  • Foster eats lunch with the loan officer and the teller.
  • Smith is older than the loan officer.
  • Brown plays no sports.
Determine who does what.

Assuming the clues were given to you in a random order, are all of them necessary? Explain.


Hint: Set up a 4 x 4 grid, list people on one axis and jobs on the other axis. Try to eliminate cells using the clues.


Solution Commentary: Did you get Smith as the teller, Brown as the manager, Jones as the loan officer, and Foster as the accountant? If not, what ordering is more correct?

Any idea who plays basketball?

Also, at least three of the clues are not necessary.