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Went Fishing For The Summer!

I was invited to spend a seven-day vacation fishing on Bayes Lake, and had to select one of these options for a fishing license:

  • Each day, I was allowed to catch fish until the next fish I caught was heavier than any previous fish I caught that day, or
  • Each day, I was allowed to catch fish until the total weight of fish caught that day exceeds 10 pounds.
Now, assume that the fish in Bayes Lake had random weights between 0 pounds and 10 pounds plus the costs of the two license options were equal.

Which license option was best, assuming I wanted to catch the maximum amount of fish?


Hint: Can you simulate this problem, using the random number generator on a TI calculator?


Solution Commentary: No answer provided...as my intent is to encourage you to argue about and support your choice with good reasoning. Hope you also had a fun and great summer!