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Tee Off With This Real Life Problem

D.P. (Sedro-Woolley, WA) asks for help on this real-life problem...share it with students, as they do not see many of those!

Context: The golf teams at the high schools in Whatcom and Skagit counties have a scheduling problem. We are trying to create a schedule that allows each school to compete against all of the other schools an equal number of times or at least fairly equal, plus or minus one match.

Scenario: Fourteen schools play a match every week for six weeks. Every week seven schools play at one course, while the other seven compete at another course.

Questions: Can a schedule be designed so that each school competes against all 13 other schools an equal number of times? Is there more than one solution? How can the schedule be created?

As D.P. wrote: "I am out of ideas and was hoping to get some help with this problem.".... So Send Me Your Solutions So They Can Be Posted On This Website And Shared With D.P.!


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