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Call Math When You get a Chance

Since last week's problem dealt with patterns on a phone keypad, let's extend that idea. A common fun time is translate your phone number into a word, using relationships between letters and numbers on a keypad (e.g. 2 - ABC, etc.).

Often we are assigned a phone number, and then we search for a word-equivalence that makes sense. In making up this problem, I first chose a mathematical word (or words) and then translated it into its equivalent number.

Your task is to figure out the mathematical words for these phone numbers. For example, 639-6284 is NEW MATH. It gets tricky as you have three letter options for each digit, and be aware that some of the numbers are local and some are long-distance:

  • 254-3272
  • 436-638-7437
  • 254-674-8467
  • 746-452-7489
  • 266-478-3623
  • 228-832-6453
  • 797-2643
  • 746-6287
  • 274-846-3842
  • 269-7568
  • 463-782-5489
  • 765-966-6425
  • 322-867-8733
  • 497-683-6873
  • 737-236-8453
  • 723-4225
  • 736-424-7253
  • 782-7387
  • 787-3223
  • 843-6736
I hope I did not make any errors, as that could lead to frustration on your part. But, don't call me...


Hint: If you get frustrated, one option is to translate the phone number into all its possiblities, and then try to "spot" a mathematical word within the list.

For example, the number 254-3272 translates into:

See a mathematical word in this jumbled mess?



Solution Commentary: Sorry...I am only willing to state that ALGEBRA was the hidden word in the hint.

One of the reasons I am not giving out the answers is that this is more a game than a problem. Plus, it is possible that a given phone number could translate into more than one mathematics word.

If you get overly frustrated, feel free to send me an e-mail.