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Get Ready to Party!

In the year 1928, the month of February contained five Wednesdays.

When was the last year previous to 1928 and the years after 1928 that also have five Wednesdays in February?

Will you experience one of these special months in your life-time?


Source: B.G.'s file drawer (Bellingham)

Hint: Think leap year...then look at patterns in calendars. It will not occur every four years...but special leap years!


Solution Commentary: This is the commentary provided on the copy in the file drawer: "Since the new style of adjusting the calendar was adopted in England in 1752, the first year with five Wednesdays in February was 1764. Then 1792 and 1804 had five Wednesdays. By adding 28, we get 1832, 1860, and 1888 as years with five Wednesdays. Then the jump goes to 1928, 1956, 1984, and 2012. Both 1888 and 1956 had five Wednesdays. Normally it occurs every twenty-eighth year, except that 1800 and 1900 (which were not leap years) come in between, when the rule breaks down. As 2000 was a leap year, 28 years from 1984 is correctly 2012."

So, start now in your preparations to get ready to celebrate next year!