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6 artel + 2 coombs - 3 frasila = 1 rotl?

How is your knowledge of measuremenst in countries other than the United States...both before and after the near-universal adoption of the metric system? Take this old quiz...and I am aware that some of the country's names have changed.

  1. A li is equal to 1890 feet and is used in: (a) Poland (b) China (c) Egypt.
  2. In (a) Italy (b) Yugoslavia (c) Bolivia, a marco is the same as 0.507 pounds.
  3. One oke is equal to 2.7514 pounds in: (a) Nicaragua (b) Thailand (c) Egypt.
  4. A tonde is the same as 1.36 acres in: (a) Bulgaria (b) Denmark (c) Malta.
  5. Equal to 4.1282 bushels, one coomb is a measurement in: (a) Zanzibar (b) Switzerland (c) England.
  6. Fifty pounds is the same as one frail of raisins in: (a) Spain (b) Libya (c) Greece.
  7. A rotl is the equivalent of 6.35 pounds in: (a) Botswanna (b) Israel (c) Nepal.
  8. In (a) Japan (b) Portugal (c) Scotland, one tan is 0.25 acres.
  9. A candy is equal to 560 pounds in: (a) Bombay (b) Johannesburg (c) Budapest.
  10. One artel is the same as 1.12 pounds in: (a) Cuba (b) Morocco (c) Denmark.
  11. Forty bushels equals one wey in: (a) Austria (b) Scotland (c) Benin.
  12. A funt in: (a) U.S.S.R. (b) New Zealand (c) Ghana, is the equivalent of 0.9028 pound.
  13. In: (a) Barbados (b) Albania (c) Java, one catty is equal to 1.36 pounds.
  14. Sixteens gallons is the same as one fanega in: (a) Argentina (b) Ethiopia (c) Spain.
  15. One last is two metric tons in: (a) Ireland (b) Germany (c) Canada.
  16. In: (a) Turkey (b) Japan (c) Cambodia, a pik is 27.9 inches.
  17. A manzana is equal to 1.727 acres in: (a) Costa Rica (b) Philippines (c) Fiji.
  18. Thirty-five pounds in: (a) Argentina (b) Zanzibar (c) Chad, is the same as one frasila.
  19. A salm is the equivalent of 8.26 bushels in: (a) Bhutan (b) Malta (c) Netherlands.
  20. In: (a) Bangladesh (b) Tanzania (c) Luxembourg, one fuder is the same as 264.1 gallons.
Note: I know this is not a "problem" by my own definition, but it was a fun adventure many years ago. So, I share it....


Source: Page 386 of some old book from my distant past!

Hint: Reach for a dictionary...or explore on-line.


Solution Commentary: In reverse numerical order...
c b b a a b c c a b b a a b a c b c c b
At least...I think these are the answers!

If you disagree, please drop me an e-mail....