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Piling On....

Eight identical sheets of paper have been placed overlapping. The last sheet to be placed was A because it is shown completely. List the eight pieces in the order placed, ending with A.

This problem is from the Academic Decathlon 2004 Logic Quiz, and was found on the website reviewed for this week, .


Hint: Get out some square sheets of paper and try to replicate the design.


Solution Commentary: On his web site, Graeme McRae shares this reasoning:

B, G, H, and A were all placed in corners.

C and F both cover B, and C covers F, so the order of this trio is B, F, C.

E covers G, so the order of this pair is G, E. Moreover, G and E both cover C, so the order of all the sheets visible on the left side must have been B, F, C, G, E.

D covers H, so the order of this pair is H, D. Also, both H and D cover E, so the order of the sheets must be B, F, C, G, E, H, D, A.