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The Haunted Castle--A Hallowe'en Logic Puzzle

A friend gave me a copy of this logic puzzle, constructed by Randall Whipkey, puzzle extraordinaire! Beware...it is not trivial to solve it using the numerous clues. Also, if you like this puzzle, you can find a multitude of his other puzzles at CRPuzzles.com.

Last Hallowe'en, six couples, including Rosita and her husband, dared each other into spending the night of October 31 in Doomengloom Castle, the tower of which has been converted into a bed & breakfast. Daring each other was necessary, because each of the six rooms in the tower is haunted by the ghost of a person who died under unusual circumstances at Doomengloom Castle--a ghost who appears only once a year, at the stroke of midnight on Hallowe'en. And the six couples weren't disappointed: as the village clock struck 12:00, each was visited in their room by the promised ghost! Given the wisps of information below, can you be a Challenger Logic Problem Ghostbuster by determining each couple's full name, the apparition who scared them on Hallowe'en, and the Castle room where they slept--or tried to? (There are three rooms on each side of the tower, one directly above the other; the rooms to the east of the central stairwell are numbered 101, 201, and 301, and those to the west are numbered 102, 202, and 302.)

  1. Dwayne and Mr. Gore had a warm drink in the Castle Dungeon Pub before going to their rooms on the same tower floor.
  2. The ghost of gamekeeper Jack Hunter, who died when the Castle hounds mistook him for a fox, appeared in the room directly above the one where Mr. & Mrs. Kent saw their ghost.
  3. At precisely 12:00:15, Teresa and Mrs. Levin ran into each other in the stairwell as they fled their same-floor rooms in fright.
  4. The sorrowing ghost of lovelorn Lady Llewellyn, who fainted dead away when her intended eloped with her handmaid, visited a room on the floor above the one where Ferdie and his wife stayed.
  5. Billy and Mr. Gore originated the idea of spending Hallowe'en at Doomengloom Castle.
  6. The ghost of scullery cook Judythe Butterbuns, who fell into her own fire while cooking the Christmas goose, appeared on the floor below the one where Vicki and her husband had their room.
  7. Mr. & Mrs. Hearst didn't stay on the same floor as the couple who saw the shade of Jack Hunter.
  8. Mrs. Ingram and her husband, who isn't Ferdie, enjoyed the early evening view of the village from their 2nd floor room.
  9. Corey and his wife had their room on the same floor as the couple who were visited by the ghost of the Earl of Doomengloom himself.
  10. Billy and his wife were even more frightened by another couple's description of the visit by Judythe Butterbuns than they were by the ghost who visited their room.
  11. Wanda and her husband had the room directly above the one occupied by the Hearsts.
  12. Dwayne and his wife weren't the couple who saw Jack Hunter's ghost.
  13. Mr. & Mrs. Gore didn't have the late Lady Llewellyn as a midnight guest.
  14. Billy and his wife shared a floor with Priscilla and her husband.
  15. Wanda and Mrs. Kent spent the night sleeping in the Castle billiards room rather than returning to their rooms, which were on different floors.
  16. The Jetts had a room on the same side of the tower as the couple visited at 12:00 by the ghost of Sir MacDuff MacDuff, knight errant, who died after tripping and crashing down the steep stone stairwell in full metal gear.
  17. Samantha and her husband weren't the couple scared by the shade of young stableboy Brophy O'Mare, killed when the greased pig he was catching on May Day ducked under a fence.
  18. Corey and Mr. Gore tried to tackle the apparitions who visited their rooms, but you can't grab a ghost!
  19. Priscilla and Mrs. Hearst later claimed they were going to return to Doomengloom Castle to spend this Hallowe'en in different rooms but kept forgetting to make the reservations.
  20. Elvin and his wife weren't the couple who saw the ghost of Sir MacDuff MacDuff--and his ghostly white steed.
  21. Billy, Dwayne, and Wanda's husband spent the afternoon of Hallowe'en at the village churchyard, "studying up on" their midnight guests.
  22. The ghost of Sir MacDuff MacDuff didn't visit Mr. & Mrs. Hearst.
  23. Andrew and his wife didn't stay in tower room 301.
  24. Cory and Priscilla's husband watched Ghostbusters before staying at Doomengloom Castle, "to pick up a few pointers."


Hint: Some find it helpful to set up a chart, but since this is a 5-star puzzle, a lot of inferences will have to be tested and retested. Have fun...consider this either a trick or a treat!


Solution Commentary: If all else failes, consider Randall Whipkey's solution.