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Could You Repeat That?

Jim gave Jill as many dollars as Jill already had.

When Jill received this money, she asked Jim how much money he had left. Upon being told, Jill immediately gave the same amount back to Jim.

Jim, who wanted to be equally generous, gave Jill back as many dollars as Jill had left.

This left Jim without any money and Jill had a total of $80.

How much money did Jim and Jill each have in the beginning?


Hint: Some useful problem solving skills...

Think backwards.

Take a guess and check...adjust with new guess.

Look for patterns.


Solution Commentary: I am going to assume that you have solved this problem, so now lets adjust it to make a more interesting problem: Suppose you have the same situation, except at the end the total was $N. What are the possible values of N?