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Who Is the Culprit?

One of five brothers has broken a window.

John said, "It was Henry or Thomas."

Henry said, "Neither Ernest nor I did it."

Thomas said, "You are both lying."

David said, "No, one of them is speaking the truth, but not the other."

Ernest said, "No, David, that is not true."

Three of the brothers always tell the truth, but the other two cannot be relied on.

Who broke the window?


Hint: Suppose ___ broke the window...now trace through the clues....and retry if needed.

Or, can you set up a T/F chart?


Solution Commentary: Again, following the hint, assume John did it...then we know John, Thomas, and Ernest may be lying, while Henry and David are telling the truth. Thus, it can't be John, as there are only two people who may be lying...so, now try Henry, etc.