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Olde Stumpers

When I taught middle school mathematics, my students loved questions such as the following, even passing them on to their parents and friends. They require careful reading.

  1. A man found he could read 80 pages of a book in 80 minutes when he wore his red shirt. but when he wore his blue shirt, it took him an hour and twenty minutes to read the same number of pages. How could this be true?
  2. Sue needed magazine pictures for a school project. She cut out pages 20, 21, 97, 98 and 104. How many sheets of paper did she cut out from the magazine?
  3. Harry had 10 candies and ate all but two. How many candies did he have left?
  4. A man died, leaving two sons. His will decreed his sons should have a horseback race from their barn to a bridge exactly 3 miles away. The man's entire estate would go to the son whose horse reached the bridge last. The sons immediately mounted the two horses and raced toward the bridge at breakneck speed. Why would the sons ride so fast, when the winner would be the who whose horse reached the bridge last?
  5. 8-5-4-9-1-7-6-3-2-0. What is the logic for this ordering of the digits?
  6. A man attached a knotted rope to the side of a boat. The lowest knot was barely underwater. The remaining knots were all 5 inches apart. When the tide rises 3 feet, how many knots will be underwater?
  7. A woman was in her car headed due north. The road was perfectly straight. After driving one mile and making no turns, the driver discovered that she was exactly one mile south of her starting place. How could this be?
  8. An airplane left New York headed for Los Angeles at a speed of 500 mph. One half hour later another plane left Los Angeles headed for New York at 600 mph. when the two planes meet, which is closest to Los Angleles?


Source: Unknown

Hint: Think creatively, logically, and carefully....and read each question closely.


Solution Commentary: I will let you argue over the answers....