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Six Quickies

While attempting the following six "quick" problems, be sure to read them carefully.

[1] Bill found he could read 80 pages of a book in 80 minutes when he wore his red shirt. But when he wore his blue shirt, it took him an hour and twenty minutes to read the same number of pages. How could this be true?

[2] Sue needed magazine pages for a science project. She cut out pages 20, 21, 97, 98, and 104. How many sheets of paper did she cut from the magazine?

[3] Why are 1975 pennies worth almost $20.00?

[4] A man died, leaving two daughters. His will decreed his daughters should have a horseback race from their barn to a bridge exactly 3 miles away. The man's entire estate would go to the daughter whose horse reached the bridge last. The daughters immediately mounted the two horses and raced toward the bridge at breakneck speed. Why would the daughters ride so fast when the winner was to be the one whose horse reached the bridge last?

[5] Let's pretend your're the driver of a city bus. At the first stop 11 passengers get on. at the next stop, 3 get off and 4 get on. At the next stop, 7 get on and 2 get off. At the next stop, 4 get on, 3 change seats, and 5 get off. Now, does the driver of the bus have red hair? Explain.

[6] The numerals 1 through 9 written in some special order becomes: 8-5-4-9-1-7-6-3-2. What is the logical rule that guides this order? Where would the 0 go?


Hint: Sorry...no hints, other than to share the problems with others...read carefully...think creatively.


Solution Commentary: Sorry...I just cannot seem to remember the solutions.