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$1,000,000 Word

In the September 1987 issue of the Arithmetic Teacher, Donnie Bain challenged readers to produce a single word whose product of its letter values would be exactly equal to $1,000,000. For example, assume that A = $1, B = $2, C = $3,..., Z = $26. Then, the word MATH, where M = $13, A = $1, T = $20, and H = $8, is worth 13 x 1 x 20 x 8 = $2080.

Can you find a single word whose value is $1,000,000?

Final Note: Be sure to tell your students that MATHEMATICS is worth more than a billion dollars!


Hint: Some close words are BANQUET, worth $999,600, and ROOMS, worth $1,000,350. But I know you can do better!


Solution Commentary: In the March 1988 issue of the Arithmetic Teacher, Henri Picciotto reported a successful solution: BEDDY-BYE.

But, this solution involving a hyphenated word is somewhat unsatisfying. Can anyone do better? In fact, can anyone find a math word worth $1,000,000?

Greta Kocol suggests: Solving this problem could... BE _A_HEYDAY !!! or
The answer to your question will take some DEEEEEEP!! thinking.

And Calvin Armerding adds this note: "One interesting thing my kids noticed was that certain letters wont go evenly into 1 million. Once they could start crossing off letters such as C and F the process was greatly facilitated. They got quite excited. Still ran out of time before they came up with any words, however."