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Liar, Liar...

The raid on the bank was successful up to a point. The precise point was when the police car came screaming around the corner in response to a phone call from a lady across the road from the bank. Being a poor sleeper, she got up to make herself a cup of tea, and saw the raiders' car outside the bank.

With no real hope of escape, the five malefactors had piled into their car anyway, and tried to make a break for it. The police gave chase, and although revolver shots from the car caused the pursuers to crash, a message had already gone out over the police wave length.

In the end, the raiders crashed their own car, trying to avoid a makeshift roadblock. One of them was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries, and the others found themselves in the Jabberwocky Police Station facing a barrage of questions.

Shots had been fired from two revolvers at the police car which had first given chase, but the weapons had been thrown out of the window by the escapees, and none of them would admit to having fired on the police. Luckily for the law, Toves and Slithy were not the best of friends, and they were both only too happy to accuse each other of having been one of the gunmen. In addition, both of them stated that Gyre never carried a gun, and while Slithy also defended himself against the charge, Toves spoke in Gimble's defense.

Neither Gyre nor Gimble were prepared to make a statement, and the police felt completely at a loss. The Chief Inspector in charge of the case went along to the hospital, but was only allowed a few minutes with the fifth member of the gang. He, like Gyre and Gimble, had nothing of a constructive nature to say. He simply laughed.

"Both Slithy and Toves told the truth for once, even if their other remarks were lies," Wabe chuckled. That was the last thing he said before he died.

Assuming that Wabe's comment was true, being in the nature of a Deathbed Statement, who were the gunmen? Your task: Answer the final question and state all assumptions/inferences you make in order to derive such an answer.


Source: An old recreational problem book I used many years ago.

Hint: Make assumptions as to who could be telling the truth, and the correct set of perps should shake out.


Solution Commentary: It wasn't the lady or the Police Inspector....does that help?