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An Overdue Problem

Situation One: On January 19, 2007, Robert Nuranen returned his overdue library book Prince of Egypt to the Hancock (MI) library. As the book was 47 years overdue, he paid a fine of $171.32.

Situation Two: In May, 2005, Joel Schlesinger returned his overdue library book The Joy of Camping to the Buffalo (NY) library. As the book was 24 years overdue, he paid a fine of $2,190. Note: The maximum fine that particular library assesses was 25 cents a day up to $15, but Schlesinger decided to make an additional donation.

Situation Three: On May 26, 2006, Adam Rice returned his overdue library book Naked Empire to the West Salem (WI) library. Though the book was only 6 days overdue, he was assessed a fine of $22,840 by the library's computer system. Note: The check-out librarian stated that an error must have been made, yet Adam's family was sent a bill for the amount of $22,840 with the statement that full payment was needed or a collection agency would become involved.

Question 1: If Robert Nuranen had the same "giving attitude as Joel Schlesinger, what proportionate amount should he have donated to the library?

Question 2: If Robert Nuranen faced the same overdue rate as poor Adam Rice, what should have been his overdue fine for the 46 years?

Question 3: In all three situations, given the amounts eventually paid by the two men or assessed in Adam's case, what is the overdue fine for each day?


Hint: Set up a table...possibly using Excel?


Solution Commentary: I know you can do these.....!