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How Little Things Change Over Time.....

This old-time comic strip has a professor in front of pupils, trying to prove the Pythagorean Theorem on a chalk board....

Professor: ...Und nun will ich Ihnen diesen Lehrsatz jetzt auch beweisen.

Junge: Wozu beweisen, Herr Professor? Ich glaub' es Ihnen so.

Wilhelm Busch
"Fester Glauben" in Max & Moritz, 1880

English translation by H. Arthur Klein:

Teacher: ...and now I want to prove this theorem.

Pupil: Why bother to prove it teacher? I take your word for it.

Wilhelm Busch
"Firm Faith" in Max & Moritz, 1962

Source: Source: A neighbor A.D. who was raised as a kid reading this German comic strip