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Some context is needed. On this week's recommended website MathOverFlow.com, someone posed the question: "What are some fiction books about mathematicians? It seems to me rather difficult for writers to create good books on this subject. Some years ago I thought there were no such books at all. There are many reasons: it is difficult to describe the process of discovery and describe it in the exciting way. The subject has narrow audience and not the way to make best-seller."

Below is one "unbelieveable" response that serves as this week's quote!

Mathematicians should not do, and certainly not enjoy, anything other than mathematical research, lest they give themselves away as human beings with a variety of interests and not a 100% devotion to just the one.

Sridhar Ramesh
Student at UC-Berkely

Note: Sridhar's claim to fame: "I once balanced one Snapple bottle upside down on top of another Snapple bottle, then quickly grabbed the bottom one away, with the top one remaining balanced after it hit the ground. It was awesome."