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I think that the beauty of mathematics is not a subsidary, accessory thing; it is one of its basic features. Truth is always beautiful and beauty is always true. Those who have barbarous notions about mathematics do not understand this: either they are blind to the beauty of mathematics, or if they see it, they are suspicious of it....

Until now I have spoken about the beauty of mathematics and about the joy which is very close to the joy the pure beauty of the arts produces in man, which real understanding produces and shining eyes signal. But this joy can be attained only by hard work.... Without hard mental effort nobody can get far in mathematics. But whoever has tasted the joy of pure knowledge, whoever has seen the beauty of mathematics will be willing to make the serious effort. The main aim of teaching mathematics must be to acquaint the pupil with this joy, and through this educate him in the disciplined, logiucal thinking which is indispensible to mathematics.

"Galileo" ala Alfred Renyi
Dialogues on Mathematics, 1967, p. 71-72