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Pi In The Key Of E

Sometimes these reviews of resources get too practical...so it is time to include an unusual or non-standard resource...Dr. Tom Dukich. A resident of Spokane (WA), he holds a doctorate in experimental psychology from the University of Montana and now has become a reputable artist.

Dukich'a website PrimarilyArtStuff documents both his art and some of his interests. You want to visit the section labeled "Pi & Other Sonified Constants."

Here, you can experience audio and video related to the five famous constants, all related by Euler in a single equation: e+1 = 0. Watch and listen to both "Magic 5: Euler's Constants All At Once" and "Euler's Samba." See what I mean about this review not being too practical to you as a mathematics teacher.

Now move on to play variations on either pi or e, you pick the number of places. And, don't miss the video "The Reverend Pi 357."

If you have time (and remaining interest), you might go back to explore other items on Dukich's home-page, such as his special links. And be sure to investigate his special homages to Alan Turning (computer pioneer) and Pierre Bezier (creator of special curves).

Now it is time for you to make your own mathematical compositions. Go to the review of Jonathon Middleton's website MusicAlgorithms.