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Mathematics Education Within the IAE-pedia

The website reviewed for this week is David Moursund's IAE-pedia. It contains enough information that I feel the need to also review the specific mathematics portion of this website as a resource.

On first appearance, the mathematics menu is filled with a collection of diverse materials, all available to help and enhance teachers of mathematics (K-16). To illustrate, consider these examples:

  • An overview of what is "mathematics education," tied to a discussion of what is "mathematics"
  • An extensive overview, analysis, and discussion on "Communicating in the Language of Mathematics
  • Thoughts on how we as educators can improve the process of mathematics education
  • A ready resouce of powerful quotations specific to mathematics education
  • A special section on the teaching of mathematics methods courses for prospective elementary teachers
  • Overview of the development of powerful lesson plans that help students learn quality mathematics
  • A discussion on multiple aspects of problem solving, both in mathematics and across other disciplines
  • The Digital Filing Cabinet specific to mathematics, as described in the web site review
Woven throughout all of the above ideas are tons of articles written by people deserving your attention. Some suggested examples:
  • Eugene Maier's articles on issues in mathematics education...Start with his excellent article on "Folk Math"
  • David Moursund's books, articles, and editorials...all available in a free downloadable format...and all thoughtful!
  • Paul Lockhart's article "A Mathematician's Lament"...it is a powerful read!
Enjoy and participate....