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NUMB3RS is Back

The new television season is here...and with it, new episodes of our favorite mathematical shows. No, I am not talking about analyzing the voting odds on American Idol, but rather the supposed mathematics underlying the CBS show NUMB3RS.

Basically, the show is an unconventional crime-drama; it focuses on a partnership of "pragmatically minded" FBI agent Don Eppes and his "math-genius" brother Charlie as they solve realistic crime cases using both FBI tools and mathematical theories. But, you say that you somehow missed many of the previous episodes and now would like to review or see the mathematics being used in those shows.

The DVDs are now available for the first three seasons of NUMB3RS. You can either buy them separately for each season or as a combined set for all three seasons (the best price!).

If you do not want to jump in, you can see each show on the NUMB3RS web site at CBS...either in the form of the full episode or short clips. Plus, you can read recaps of the shows, "meet" the characters, or see some video "promos." And, if your taste for the show is still not sated, visit the NUMB3RS fan site , which includes everything from trinkets to discussions to downloadable wallpaper. One interesting note: On the fan site, the only discussion-group forum with no entries is the math forum!