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Need a Graph?

Mathematics teachers always have the need to make a graph and insert it into a document...a worksheet for studnts, an exam, etc. And there are ways to do it, ranging from exisiting software to using a screen capture from a TI to hand drawing it for expediency.

HandyGraph to the rescue. This "handy" product allows you to make your graph interactively and then insert it into any program that accepts images: Word, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, Blackboard, Acrobat, SmartBoard, or even Web authoring software.

The process is easy, and the result is great. Want to see more Sample Graphs? The range can include number lines, inequalities, coordinate plane, trigonometric graphs, tangent lines or critical points on a given graph, or even a black graph with a grid.

To try it out, you can download a fully functional test version that works for 30-days. The purchase price is reasonable, and you might want to explore quantity discounts. In fact, students can get one-semester licenses as well.