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Pi In The Sky

Pi In The Sky is a FREE on-line journal aimed at high school students in Alberta and British Columbia. Its purpose is to promote mathematics, which it succeeds at very well. Through its articles, the journal tries to increase the involvement of high school students in mathematical activities, with the ultimate goal being to entice more students to choose careers in the mathematical sciences.

Though the focus is on high school students, mathematics teachers at all levels will benefit from the journal...and certainly learn some new ideas. The journal tries to be semi-annual, and is now offering its eleventh issue after its first issue in June of 2000. All eleven issues are available on-line....FREE!

Each issue generally includes:

  • Mathematical problems to solve
  • Expository writing on a wide-range of topics (e.g. the current issues has several discussions of Euler and his work, given 2008 is his 300th-year celebration)
  • Reviews of books that would interest both students and teachers
  • Interesting applications of mathematics (e.g. the mathematics of mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus)
  • Historical overviews (e.g. Vedic Mathematics and the calculations of Guru Tirthaji)
  • Occasional forums around a topic
  • Links to other resources
  • Humor ala jokes and cartoons
Pi In The Sky is an outreach of the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences, with gifted author Ivar Ekeland (University of British Columbia) serving as the Editor-in-Chief. A rich mixture of mathematics professors and teachers throughout British Columbia and Alberta serve as authors.

Try to get your mathematics students exposed to this journal; assign a specific article to be read. Hopefully, your students (and you) will then explore the remainder of the journal. It is a resource we need to use, learn from, and perhaps model as well.