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Mathematical Fiction (Part 2)

In line with the theme and my previous review of Alex Kasman's Reality Conditions, the book Imaginary Numbers: An Anthology of Marvelous Mathematical Stories, Diversions, Poems, and Musings (Wiley, 2000) is all mathematical fiction (110%!)...but aimed perhaps more at the secondary school level.

Edited by William Frucht, the compilation meanders from the humorous to the classic to the thought-provoking...all are entertaining. Along the way, the reader is introduced to the imaginative minds of Rudy Rucker, Lewis Carool, Raymond Smullyan, Piet Hein, Stanislaw Lem, E.A. Abbott (from Flatland), A.K. Dewdney, Martin Gardner, Jorge Luis Borges, and Fritz Leiber.

Try to guess what mathematical gems are included in these chapters:

  • The Church of the Fourth Dimension
  • Gonna Roll the Bones
  • Schwarzschild Radius
  • Parellelism
  • The Golden Man
  • A Positive Remainder
  • Resolution of the Paradox: A Philosophical Puppet Play
Again, these are samples of the 31 entries. You will enjoy this text...Martin Gardner's story about the fourth dimension is reason enough.