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Get Your Mathematics T-Shirt Today

To reach students, mathematics teachers need a myriad of resources--books, technology, hands-on manipulatives, etc. And, one should never forget the power of a mathematics-related t-shirt!

Currently, the company Mental Floss is having a sale ($14.99) on all of its t-shirts. Note: to get the sale price, you have to input "newtees" as your coupon code!

The models related to mathematics are:

I know...some of the slogans show misleading mathematics...e.g. what does the quadratic formula have to do with taking a derivative?. But then, how many people who would see the shirt know what "derive" even means...so perhaps, the context is "to derive the quadratic formula" which narrows the knowledgeable population down even further!

While on the Mental Floss website, you might sign up for their periodic newsletter, which provides tons of wierd (and sometimes interesting) information....

Also, I know there are other companies that sell mathematics related apparel....if you have a favorite vendor, please send me their link so I can share it.