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A Plethera of Geometric Models

Seeing mathematical models help students in many ways, ranging from providing something physical to attach an understanding... to showing characteristics perhaps not seen before...plus it reduces some of the "abstract" aspects of mathematics. Thus, mathematics teachers and students should always be on the lookout for good models...reaching beyond the standards such as cutting up of a potato to illustrate a volume of revolution.

The resoure for this week may be helpful, i.e. ride to our rescue. David Eppstein, a C.S. Professor at the University of California--Irvine, has put together a web site called the Geomertry Junkyard, but this week I am focusing only his three pages labeled Geometric Models, Models of Regular Polyhedra and Origami.

In Geometric Models, Eppstein offers links to eighty different models, of a wide-ranging nature. Unfortunately, many of the links are broken or no longer viable. But, there is enough there to be of value. Some examples:

  • Acme Klein Bottle
  • Art and science of tiling
  • Physical models of Escher's Illusions (example shown)
  • Flat equilateral tori
  • Geometric art out of paper plates
  • Hyperbolic surfaces in nature
  • Voronoi-based art
In Models of Regular Polyhedra, Eppstein offers links to about forty different models, again of a wide-ranging nature...and with some broken links. Some examples:
  • Cardahedra...making polyhedra out of business cards
  • A tasty Modular pie-cosahedron
  • Sacred geometry designs
  • Unfolded polyhedra..31 more links
In Origami, Eppstein offers links to about forty-four different models, occasionally overlapping the previous pages. Some examples:
  • Krystyna Burczyk's Origami Gallery
  • Knotology
  • Origami and mathematics
  • Origami tesselations (example shown)
  • Paperfolding and the Dragon Curve
Do some browsing....I am certain you will find some things of interest, and possibly of value. But, as we all know, a click on one interesting link often leads down a path called a "long night"!