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Do A Math Trail

Spring is in the air....Time to do a Math Trail to get students exploring real-world occurences of mathematics? Furthermore, Math Trails are quality learning situations and are a source for mathematical observations, mathematical investigations, and mathematical problem solving.

If interested, have I got a book (and deal!) for you. Math Trails: One Path for Making Connections was written by Janet Mock (I was her "helper"). An excellent classroom teacher and teacher educator, Janet has creatively organized and led math trails for all ages both locally and far beyond. She is considered to be one of the few "experts" on the subject.

A one-of-its-kind resource, the book gives full and teacher-practical coverage to these eight questions:

  1. What is a math trail?
  2. Why do math trails?
  3. Who can go on math trails?
  4. How to connect a math trail to learning mathematics?
  5. Where can a math trail be set up?
  6. Do all math trails look alike?
  7. How to connect a math trail to a math class?
  8. How to build in assessment into the math trail experience?
The resource also includes sample trail questions and versions of complete math trails that can be adapted.

If you would like a copy of the Math Trails book, contact me via an e-mail to holdthought@comcast.net. Copies of the book are currently on sale for $8 (What a Deal!), which includes all shipping and tax charges. Local people can pick up a copy for $3. If you want to purchase multiple copies (with additional savings), please note that as well.