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How to Think/Make a Termesphere

The MathNEWS part of this issue of MathNEXUS describes Dick Termes' Thinking in the Round, an exhibition of fifty of his Termespheres at the Dahl Arts Center (Rapid City, South Dakota). You perhaps are intrigued as to his creation of a Termesphere...or should be.

The following sequence of short videos may help clarify some of the things going on in the construction of a Termesphere:

  • The first video Spherical Thinking Web Demo gets you into the moods of awe, confusion, and "I want to know more..."
  • The second video A Round Town is a "flip-edge" version of Dick's construction of a Termesphere from start to end
  • And, the third video Four-Point Perspective involves Dick as a teacher, illustrating how one's viewpoints can be expanded...but remember that a Termesphere actually involves six-point perspective
Have fun exploring Dick's world. After a while you actually start to see some of the neat mathematics involved, but also realize how far you have to go to catch up with Dick..and build more than fifty of them!