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All Eyes on Many Eyes

The Math News for this week shows a visual representation of a large data set. As mentioned, Wattenberg and Viegas have created a collaborative website to help others not only visualize data but also share their techniques for representing data visually.

The goal of the IBM-based web site Many Eyes is to "democratize" visualization and to enable a new social kind of data analysis. Some options to check out:

  • An explanation of Visualization Options, ranging from the ordinary to the experimental
  • An introductory tour and guided overview of the gallery
  • Examples of 38,580+ different data visualizations...about almost any subject you may or may not be interested in!
  • Topic Centers devoted to a particular data theme, including related visualizations, data sets, and a discussion area.
  • Blogs, posting of comments, and rating opoortunities
In addition to seeing examples of fascinating visualizations of data, anyone has the opportunity to upload a data set...or even re-create a different visualization of a prevuiously-saved data set. This web site is a mathematics teacher's gold mine of opportunity!