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A Free On-Line Journal of Value

In the Fall of 2007, mathematics education faculty at Georgia State University wanted to focus attention on urban issues in mathematics education. The result a half-year later was the launching of the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education in the form of a "peer-reviewed, open-access, academic journal" ...FREE and on-line.

According to its electronic masthead, the mission of the journal is "to foster a transformative global academic space in mathematics that embraces critical research, emancipatory pedagogy, and scholarship of engagement in urban communities. Here, the view of the urban domain extends beyond the geographical context, into the lives of people within the multitude of cultural, social, and political spaces in which mathematics teaching and learning takes place."

You are probably saying: "What does this mean?" To better understand the mission, you need to browse through the two existing issues of the journal. Consider these sample titles:

  • Racism, Assessment, and Instructional Practices: Implications for Mathematics Teachers of African American Students
  • Math Links: Building Learning Communities in Urban Settings
  • Practices Worthy of Attention: A Search For Existence Proofs of Promising Practitioner Work in Secondary Mathematics
  • A Metropolitan Perspective on Mathematics Education: Lessons Learned from a “Rural” School District
  • Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice: Reflections on a Community of Practice for Urban High School Mathematics Teachers
  • Comparing Teachers’ Conceptions of Mathematics Education and Student Diversity at Highly Effective and Typical Elementary Schools
Hopefully, these titles suggest that the journal contains information helpful to you as a mathematics teacher in a multi-cultural world...urban or rural. At the very least, register and browse through the abstracts...

For the die-hards, you can access their facebook Journal of Urban Mathematics Education or even sign up for their twitter urbanmath.