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Yet Another Free On-Line Journal

Another free mathematics education journal? And yet another opportunity to engage in some private professional development via personal reading and reflection!

The Journal of Mathematics Education is a semi-annual professional academic research journal, now in its second issue. Published by the group Education for All and co‐sponsored by Chinese Association of Mathematics Teacher Education, the journal covers "all kinds of mathematics education including East and West, educational theories and practices, teaching and learning mathematics and other issues on mathematics education."

To better understand the nature of the journal, you need to browse through the two available issues of the journal. Consider these sample titles:

  • Argumentation and Proving in Multicultural Classes: A Didactical Experience with Chinese and Italian Students
  • Survey and Analysis of the Statistical Reasoning among High School Students in China and Dutch
  • Chinese Teachersí Knowledge of Teaching Multi-digits Division
  • Study on the Effect of Mathematics Teachersí Pedagogical Content Knowledge on Mathematics Teaching
  • Lesson Study: A Potential Driving Force Behind the Innovative Use of Geometerís Sketchpad
  • Engaging In-service Teachers in Mathematical Problem-solving Activities During Professional Development Programs
  • Assessment of Mathematics Education in China
  • Concerning the New Mathematics Curriculum: The Pedagogical Content Knowledge of High School Mathematics Teachers
  • A Study of Teaching Knowledge Development of a Chinese Senior High School Math Teacher Based on One Class in Xinjiang
  • Guiding Mathematics Instruction using Research-Based Evidence
As these titles suggest, the journal has an international flavor with an expected focus on teaching mathematics in China. Nonetheless, it contains information helpful to any mathematics teacher in a multi-cultural world.

Browse the content in the first issue as well, which has an article on teaching relational thinking, the monotonicity of functions, classroom discourse, proof, and teacher understanding. Plus, co-editor Zhonghe (John) Wu invites mathematics teachers to review his journal and provide feedback.