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Sitting at Dave's Tables

Originally called Dave's Math Tables, the website Math2.org is a resource provided by David Manura.

My primary reason for recommending this website is so you have access to "Dave's Math Tables:"

  • General: Number Notation, Addition/Multiplication Tables, Fraction-Decimal Conversion, Interest, Units & Measurement Conversion
  • Algebra: Basic Identities, Conic Sections, Polynomials, Exponents, Graphs, Functions
  • Geometry: Areas, Volumes, Surface Areas, Circles
  • Trig: Identities, Tables, Hyperbolics, Graphs, Functions
  • Discrete/Linear: Vectors, Recursive Formulas, Linear Algebra
  • Other: Constants, Complexity, Miscellaneous, Graphs, Functions
  • Stat: Distributions
  • Calc: Integrals, Derivatives, Series Expansions
  • Advanced: Fourier Series, Transforms
  • English-Spanish Math Dictionary
And remember, despite access to powerful calculators, tables can still be useful (and enlightening). For example, if you type in sin (39), all a calculator provides is a single value....by browsing through a table for tan(39) you will note neighborhood tendencies (e.g. increasing, decreasing) and "identity" connections between sine and cosine.

The Math2.org website also includes a "Math Message Board, where people can post requests for help with mathematical problems in a wide range of content levels. I have used it as a source of test questions, professional reflection, and at times, worrisome humor.