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Do You Dare/Care to Try These Out?

Since last week's review focused on several free online calculators, it is appropriate to mention other on-line calculators (FREE or relatively inexpensive).

Note that I am only providing these links (via SoftSea.com reviews), which is not equivalent to recommending them. Most of them I have not used or downloaded. Thus, check them out...and let me know if they are great or problematic.

Trying to provide a variety of options, my list is:

  • ecalc has algebraic/RPN modes, does unit conversions, solves equations, and computes complex-numbers...plus has versions for iGoogle user and Google gadget.
  • BlueMATH calculator is both a desktop calculator and a mathematics expression evaluator, plus can calculate multiple expressions simultaneously.
  • WozGraph mimics hand-held graphing calculators, allowing you to create, save, and print graphs.
  • CalculatorX calculates values of expression that include arithmetic, logical, bitwise and relational operations.
  • BlitzCalc computes with mathematical, arithmetical, trigonometric, and statistical functions.
  • DreamCalc Calculator mimics hand-held calculators, including graphing, data plots, RPN and algebraic modes, and a polynomial solver.
  • XICalc computes integers with precision to millions of digits, works in base 2 to base 36, and performs number theory operations (GCD, Modulo arithmetic, Boolean functions, random number generator, prime factoring, phi/sigma/tau function)
  • CrazyMath acepts sequences of expressions as you would write them on paper, plus graphs 2D/3D functions.
  • WIRIS Desktop includes both a CAS (Computer Algebra System) and a DGS (Dynamic Geometry System), plus calculates integrals and limits, graphs 2D/3D functions, and manipulates matrices.
  • Matrix Calculator performs basic matrix operations plus those involving transposes, inversions, scaling, determinants, traces, and adjoints.
Play with them...Let me know the plus and minus aspects.

Again, if you use other on-line tools that are FREE or inexpensive, please send me their links so that I can possibly pass them on to other mathematics teachers.