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Tao...Our Current Prince of Mathematicians!

The suggested video for this month is quite different than the previous song parodies. It is a video that should inspire...as you may be watching perhaps the greatest living mathematician of our time.

Terence Tao began studying calculus when he was seven years old. By age 20, he had a Ph.D. in mathematics from Princeton and had joined the UCLA faculty. In 2006, Terence won both the Fields Medal in Mathematics and a MacArthur "genius" grant. This video tries to convey his importance amongst mathematicians, plus how he approaches problem-solving.

A few years ago, I wrote about Terence Tao in the "Problem of the Week" Section of MathNEXUS. If you would like to see other videos related to his work and can tolerate long lectures, you might watch his Structure and Randomness in the Prime Numbers or his Nilsequences and the Primes. The introductions of Tao alone are worth watching, just to understand the respect he commands.

Again, as part of the resources for this next year, I am trying to suggest an on-line video(s) each month. Thus, if you have a favorite video (e.g. YouTube, TeacherTube, whatever....), please send the link to me (with your comments?) and I will try to include it and share it with others.