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Juggling With Geometry

Going beyond the juggling of numbers, some performers use geometrical ideas as the basis of their juggling routines.

Michael Moschen is perhaps the most famous example. Consider and enjoy his Triangle Routine. He obviously knows the principle of reflecting angles!

Greg Kennedy does similar juggling magic. Consider and enjoy his Orthogonal and Rotating Square routines.

Once you have mastered those patterns, watch Greg as he also performs a Inside-a-Cone routine.

And, if your eyes are still working, try to follow Sean Gandini and John Blanchard as they juggle in a Glass Cube.

Finally, for some mechanical juggling of sorts...rest your eyes and ears with The Fantastic Machine (two lengthy DVDs with similar routines can be purchased from the company producing this video).

Again, as part of the resources for this year, I am trying to suggest an on-line video(s) each month. Thus, if you have a favorite video (e.g. YouTube, TeacherTube, whatever....), please send the link to me (with your comments?) and I will try to include it and share it with others.