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Another Mathematics Education Journal...FREE on-line!

Another free mathematics education journal? And yet another opportunity to engage in some private professional development via personal reading and reflection!

The Teaching of Mathematics is a semi-regular professional journal, dated from 1998 - 2005. Published in Yugoslavia, the journal began as a separate volume of Nastava matematike, a Serbian pedagogical journal established in 1952.

The Teaching of Mathematics is research-based, focusing on "essentially new ideas and techniques relevant for teaching of mathematics at all levels." Do not avoid it because of language difficulties, as many of the journal's articles are published in English.

To understand the nature or focus of the journal, you need to browse through the available issues of the journal. Consider these sample titles:

  • "On Polygons and Polyhedra" (Volume III)
  • "The Problems of Arrangement of New Notions and Objects in the School Course of Mathematics (Volume VII)
  • "The Instruction of Euclidean Geometry with the Use of Educational Software in Multilingual Classes" (Volume III)
  • "How to Motivate 100-18 Years Old Pupils to Work Independently on Solving Mathematical Problems" (Volume III)
  • "Conceptual Tasks in Mathematics Education" (Volume II)
  • "On Mathematical Formalism in High Schools Curricula" (Volume III)
  • "On the Psycho-Linguistic Basis of Teaching Mathematics in English as a Foreign Language" (Volume VII)
  • "Metric Euclidean Projectivge and Topological Properties" (Volume IV)
As these titles suggest, the journal has an international flavor with tinges of both mathematics and pedagogy. It does contain information helpful to any mathematics teacher in a multi-cultural world.

Unfortunately, I believe the journal The Teaching of Mathematics has ceased publication.