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Confident in Confidence Intervals?

D.E. (Seattle) passed on this note: "A couple of great Wall Street Journal articles, particularly the first one. I heard about these on the AP Stat listserv."

I suggest you read the commentary as well...and watch weekly for additional columns.

These are part of a set of regular columns written by Carl Bialik, the "Numbers Guy" for the Wall Street Journal. In addition to writing the "Numbers Guy," Bialik is co-author of the sports column "The Daily Fix," which appears daily on WSJ.com. As to his qualifications, he has a double degree in mathematics and physics from Yale University.

Finally, if you want to "listen in" on an AP Stat Listerve, two good options are provided by the Math Forum and the College Board. You may need to register to contribute or interact.

Finally, to all of you AP Stat teachers who happen to read this resource note, why not send me a list of the Internet resources you find helpful...and I will pass them along to others (giving you credit as due).

Source: D.E. (Seattle)