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A New FREE On-Line Journal

More and more free mathematics education journal are becoming available on-line. Three past examples are the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, the Journal of Mathematics Education, and The Teaching of Mathematics. They are just a start...as these on-line journals provide opportunities to engage in some private professional development via personal reading and reflection!

As to the new journal under review, Volume 1, Issue #2 of The Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Application has just been released. Published in Brazil, the journal's goal is to disseminate results, whether research-based or experience-based, specific to the use of mathematical modelling and applications in classrooms.

In the current issue Vol 1#2 of The Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Application, I recommend these articles:

  • "Enhancing Science and Mathematics Education with Computational Modelling"
  • "Tools, Researchable Issues & Conjectures for Investigating What it Means to Understand Statistics (or Other Topics) Meaningfully"
  • "The Progressive Continuum of Assessment to Modeling"
In the previous issue Vol 1#1 of The Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Application (see Archive), I recommend these articles:
  • "Mathematical Modelling: Can It Be Taught And Learnt?"
  • "Gender Aspects of Sense Making In Word Problem Solving"
  • "Mathematical Modeling: Cognitive, Pedagogical, Historical And Political Dimensions"
Other interesting articles in this issue relate either to Plato's cave allegory or to the use of fuzzy set theory to model the learning process.

By surveying its initial set of authors and its Editorial Board, one sees that the journal will have an international flavor with tinges of mathematics, cultural issues, and classroom pedagogy. Good start....