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STEM etc

What a lengthy name: Considering the Future of K-12 STEM Curricula and Instructional Design: Stimulating and Supporting Innovative Research and Development!

This 54-page report considers the issues of the rapid growth in features and use of educational media (from e-books to applets), making it possible to envision dramatic changes in the kinds of instructional materials and environments that can support STEM learning. It also outlines needed research and development work.

The report focuses on key questions such as:

  • What will a high-impact, technology-intensive STEM learning environment look like in the near and long-term future?
  • What materials development and research are required to make this vision possible?
  • What design, development, and diffusion processes are most likely to produce new, effective approaches to STEM education?
The report itself is an end-product of two workshops recently convened by the Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum. Trying to identify and analyze the needs and opportunities for innovative work involving STEM, workshop participants included education futurists, researchers in the STEM content and education disciplines, and specialists in instructional technology, cognitive psychology, policy, museum and educational media.

You might ask "where were the representative classroom teachers?"...but that question is too late, as the workshops have ended. So, as a classroom teacher, why not browse the report to enhance or broaden your perspective of the future of STEM education. Some good thinking and thinkers were involved...