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CSMC Re-Considered

Last week, I suggested a report issued by the Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum (CSMC). I need to say more about this group and their resources.

Funded by the NSF, CSMC is a partnership involving Michigan State University, University of Missouri-Columbia, Western Michigan University, University of Chicago, Horizon Research, Columbia Public Schools, Grand Ledge Public Schools, and Kalamazoo Public Schools. And it is high-quality, given its leaders: WMU's Chris Hirsch, MSU's Glenda Lappan, and UM's Barbara Reys.

But what does CSMC offer that is of interest or value to classroom teachers? First, you may just want to browse the CSMC website. Or, you may want to take note of these items:

  • In the Curriculum Course Resources section, the course syllabi and curricular resources are of value...expecially if you want a perspective of where math ed has come from, how curricula develops, etc.
  • In the Curriculum Databases section, you can focus on Mathematics Curriculum Literature, K-12 Mathematics Textbooks, Curriculum Research Instruments, or State Mathematics Standards.
  • Finally, the CSMC Reports/Publications section offers extensive reference lists as well as links to many articles and reports (i.e. the links for either purchase options or direct downloading).
In short, CSMC is a good group to know about...their ideas, perspectives, and reports are high-quality and represent leadership in our chaotic situations.