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Are You One of the Mathy Folk...Who Needs a Joke?

I know your problem...and a possible cure. You are not getting access to enough mathematical humor...and you have exhausted the five+ year archive of humor on this MathNEXUS web site. So, what to do....?

Try G. Patrick Vennebush's Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks. As the doctor would say, One joke a day will...!

The author is the manager of on-line projects for NCTM. On the book's backpiece, he claims that his wife and twin sons laugh at 80% and 20% of his jokes respectively, then adds that Remy, his golden retriever, has never been very good with percents.

In the book, Vennebush relates math joke after math joke, sorted "roughly" into these broad categories (and sorted linearly by increasing mathematical complexity):

  • Questions and Answers
  • One-Liners
  • Definitions
  • Graphic Jokes
  • Three Dudes
  • Same Question, Different Answers
  • Puns
  • Conversion Cahrt
  • Professions
  • Pure Math
  • Higher Education
  • In the Classroom
  • Don't Drink and Derive
Vennebush admits that the jokes included are not original...and to avoid claims of plagiarism, I note that many of the same jokes found on my website were posted there prior to the publication of this text. Nonetheless, I am glad that he has put together this book, which can be put to good use by teachers.

The author is also well aware that the telling of one joke elicits memories of another joke, etc. Thus, he openly appeals for readers to send him additional jokes, which he now includes on the website Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks. He needs your input...