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Eureka! A Play

When discussing or recommending things, I usually try to educate myself first with background knowledge. Such was not possible in this case due to time/geographical constraints...so I apologize.

The Chamber Repertory Theatre (Boston, MA) provides touring shows for students, teachers, and even the general public. Usually, their live shows focus on literature, drama and language arts. And, they are offered in rural areas and cities throughout the U.S.

Now, the Chamber Repertory Theatre has written the mathematics play Eureka. It opens with Sara, a teenager struggling with mathematics. The plot seems predictable...as the night before a big test, Sara is visited by some math greats--Albert Einstein, Blaise Pascal, Lady Ada Lovelace and Pythagoras...who show how "math is part of the world."

The website link above provides a sample of the play's dialogue, as well as links to two early reviews.

The play Eureka is being offered at a myriad of places throughout the U.S. Specific to my local area, the scheduled shows in 2010 are:

  • Seattle, WA: October 18
  • Olympia, WA: October 19
  • Portland, OR: October 20
  • Salem, OR: October 21
  • Yakima, WA: October 22
Be aware that the performances are somewhat expensive given school's tight budgets and necessary transportation costs, plus they are being offered usually at 10:30 in the morning. Yet, maybe I will see you there...