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Binary Take Two: African Mathematics

A previous MathNEXUS website review (of sorts) suggested a video that promotes Africa as the origin of mathematics. I hope you viewed it, shared it, and that it generated some interesting discussions....and perhaps some follow-up searching through the history of mathematics.

Another approach is taken by Ron Eglash, Associate Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. He is a cyberneticist by academic discipline, but is well-known for his work in ethnomathematics. Please view his TED's talk (in two parts) on the African Origins of Mathematics:

Again, do you agree with the claims and statements he makes in the video? Are they worth watching and sharing with students, with the expectation that they should promote some interesting discussions.

On the MathNEXUS website, I have mentioned the work of Ron Eglash twice previously. First, I suggested his book African Fractals: Modern Computing and Indigenous Design, which complements the video very well. And second, I recommended his website on Culturally Situated Design Tools, as it allows you to play dynamically with some of the ideas Eglash mentions in the video.

Again, as part of the resources and websites for this next year, I am trying to suggest an on-line video(s) each month. Thus, if you have a favorite video (e.g. YouTube, TeacherTube, whatever....), please send the link to me (with your comments?) and I will try to include it and share it with others.