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Mathematics Teacher

Issue: August 2005

The arrival of the fall issue of the Mathematics Teacher signals that the summer break is over and another school year is about to begin. Too often, my issue of the Mathematics Teacher gets set aside in a pile because it triggers a shift in my focus from summer fun to preparation for the new school year, and trying to remember all of those things that I wanted to change and improve. So, it is time to pause and look at this month's issue, using it to enhance both our teaching and personal understanding of mathematics.

To illustrate the richness available in the Mathematics Teacher, this issue offers insight on:
  • Using open-ended problems for assessment
  • Linking the theory of the van Hiele levels to the actual teaching of geometry
  • Connecting students' procedural and conceptual understanding of functions
  • Modeling data with polynomials...more than curve-fitting
  • Using insects to make connections between mathematics and biology
  • Geometrical and algebraic approaches to solving absolute-value equations

The August issue of the Mathematics Teacher contains many more articles on other topics, all complemented by the usual offering of a Calendar collection of mathematics problems, media clips, technology tips, and product reviews (I direct your attention to the new MAA text Mathematical Adventures for Students and Amateurs).

If you haven't read an issue of the Mathematics Teacher recently, now (at the start of the school year) is a great time to do so (before you become too busy).

Source: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics