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Is Mathematics Linear?

Via Prezi, one can create web-based presentations on a two-dimensional canvas rather than via linear slides. Through the integrated use of text, images, and videos, authors can create the illusion of a non-linear presentations.

One of the best Prezis was made by Alison Blank, a mathematics teacher at the Doane Stuart School in Albany (NY). She teaches Algebra, Geometry, and Precalculus....and creates Prezis.

The example I suggest is Alison's Math is Not Linear. As you read it, reflect on the too-standard curriculum sequence shown to the right. I think Alison's ideas will keep your attention! Plus, the Problem-of-the-Week is taken from her presentation as well.

It also was interesting to read feedback to Alison's presentation. Amongst the many "I wish you were my (or my child's) math teacher..." I offer these three comments...

  • Zarin Rafiuddin said: "Extremely good presentation - Allah Almighty Bless you for opening up my mind - I recently realized interconnectivity of disciplines but you sharpened it for me in math. I SUCK AT IT - but thanks to you I might improve. Truthfully, it's cool the way you talk about what you love even to the person sitting right next to you in the bus (how do you do that? It's cool!)..."
  • James Carlson said: "Excellent work. Everyone has math intelligence, and if we taught experience of math before symbols of math, using the order life presents, we'd get a mathematician from everyone."
  • Millie Riwai: "WHO CARES !!! NO ONE LIKES MATH ANY WAY!!!"
In case you want to read more of Alison's thoughts, you can follow her via Twitter or her perhaps-abandoned blog Axioms To Teach By. My hope is that she not only continues to teach mathematics but also continues to share her thoughts.