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Go OrigamiUSA!

Last week's resource was Thomas Hull's Origami3. The sponsor of the conference leading to this text was OrigamiUSA.

OrigamiUSA offers a wealth of resources for anyone interested in origami and its related mathematics or applications. Some examples:

  • An event calendar...of special note are the upcoming OrigamiUSA Annual Convention (June 24-27, 2011) in New York City and a special Pacific Coast Origami Convention (September 29 - October 2, 2011) in Bellevue, WA
  • Special Folding Fun Sessions where anyone can explore interesting origami models under the guidance of skilled teachers....available at the simple, intermediate and complex levels
  • A traveling origami exhibit, showing the creations of young students...and the procedure for your own students to submit entries for next year's exhibit
  • World Origami Day (October 24 - November 11), an international celebration
  • Diverse publications, including the online publication The Fold and the quarterly print publication The Paper
  • A series of articles about origami, especially the nine-plus interviews with origami specialists
  • A variety of resources, ranging from a glossary to FAQs to an art gallery to a special "Origami Model Index" (a fantastic data base of published origami instructions) to online discussion groups to a collection of downloadable origami instructions to special origami links
Get excited from exploring this website, and become a member of OrgamiUSA...low price and great benefits!